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Boosting Training Initiatives on Cybersecurity in Healthcare
The project seeks to raise awareness on risks and protection opportunities, set up training schemes and the initial training sessions for healthcare staff dealing with data. Through several training approaches, the project will boost the level of training in cybersecurity in Europe, improve the knowledge of staff and in turn contribute to decreased vulnerabilities against cyber threats and increased patient trust and safety. SecureHospitals Website ...
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GEH.FAHR.LOS offers the opportunity to draw attention to risks and risks in everyday traffic. Road users can quickly and easily tag dangerous spots on their smartphones directly on site, thus making other people aware of confusing intersections, inadequate routing, obstacles or the like. As a result, damage and dangers are recorded effectively and promptly, other road users are warned against hazards, and authorities are alerted to danger spots. GEH.FAHR.LOS Website ...

The Future of Text and Data Mining

Text and Data Mining (TDM) is an inventive approach for analysing and extracting new insights and knowledge from the exponentially growing world of machine-read material, known as Big Data. TDM techniques and tools enable researchers from different disciplines to exploit datasets of increasing complexity and diversity from various forms of media. The FutureTDM project identifies and reduces the barriers that inhibit the uptake of TDM for not only researchers, but also innovative businesses. FutureTDM provides critical up-to-date assessments of legal regulations and policies on TDM within the EU, while maintaining an international scope of the competitive world of Big Data exploitation.

FutureTDM Website ...

Next Generation Science Challenges

The SciChallenge project focuses on developing novel concepts to actively integrate young boys and girls in science education using a contest-based approach to self-produced digital education materials from young people for young people. Driven by inspirational topic sheets, guides and toolkits created through this project and distributed by partner schools, teachers, and other youth-oriented institutions, contestants between the ages of 10 to 20 will generate creative digital materials. The initiative will broadcast and distribute content over various social media channels and aggregated on a modern SciChallenge Web Platform to generate wide reaching awareness and promotion.

SciChallenge Website ...
Expanding the European Science Shop Ecosystem will build an extensive knowledge base by analyzing the practices and RRI tools of the existing European and International Science Shops. The goal is to engage community stakeholders in knowledge cafes and other community events in order to provide examples of the benefits of community-based research. The developed strategies and the novel tools provided by this action including a knowledge hub, a SciShops navigator, twinning and matchmaking platform seek to provide guidelines for establishing and running a science shop by all types of organizations. Website ...

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Due to our experience and previous accomplishments, within the European research sphere we can develop individual dissemination strategies and provide for you websites, print materials, events, design, branding, copy writing, social media marketing, video creation and more along your whole project lifecycle. The engaged content team of INTERSPREAD consists of marketing enthusiasts, designers, video editors and dissemination experts who are experts in transforming complex research information into highly intuitive contents for a variety of target audiences.