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By now digital publications have become a fixed part of any communication strategy. However, in recent years, the field has undergone profound changes and has become increasingly complex. New eBook formats have been created and the number and types of different display devices such as smartphones and tablets has risen dramatically. For future-oriented businesses generating simple PDFs is not sufficient anymore in this complex environment. What is instead needed is a comprehensive digital publication strategy that allows you to exploit the existing potential at the maximum.

We are your reliable guide through the jungle of different formats and applications and develop a modern and tailored strategy that allows you to maximize your digital publications output. We produce all common forms of e-publications while our graphics department takes care of the final polishing.

Presentations are an extremely engaging form of communication although too often used in an unsustainable way. Most of the time appealing presentations are put back in the drawer after being delivered. Their potential impact and dissemination is thus reduced unnecessarily. Online presentations offer an excellent opportunity to make use of this potential and increase the dissemination of your messages significantly. They also ensure the continuous availability and provide a compelling solution to format problems.

We take care of converting your presentations in an appealing online format by implementing the latest technology. We also conceptualize special online presentation, identify common errors and vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive solutions.