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We have accompanied the rise of social media from the beginning and given our customers the opportunity to exploit these new potentials as early as possible. We have deepened our understanding of social media during various research projects and played an active role in the development of new innovations in this area. We are still inspired by the dynamic development of social media and constantly reflect about future possibilities and how to actively expand and transcend conventional thinking. Providing our customers with quality and innovative potentials in social media therefore is not just a matter of course for us but also a task that we enjoy.

By now digital publications have become a fixed part of any communication strategy. However, in recent years, the field has undergone profound changes and has become increasingly complex. New eBook formats have been created and the number and types of different display devices such as smartphones and tablets has risen dramatically. For future-oriented businesses generating simple PDFs is not sufficient anymore in this complex environment. What is instead needed is a comprehensive digital publication strategy that allows you to exploit the existing potential at the maximum.

We are your reliable guide through the jungle of different formats and applications and develop a modern and tailored strategy that allows you to maximize your digital publications output. We produce all common forms of e-publications while our graphics department takes care of the final polishing.