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Factsheets are a brief summary of essential content and provide you with an extremely concise and condensed form of communication. They play an essential role in the initial phase of a project where potential partners as well as sponsors have to be reached. A well written factsheet and additional summaries of important individual aspects are central to a successful communication strategy. The fact that potential partners, customers and sponsors oftentimes make their first contact with your company or your project through factsheets highlights their importance. The need for brevity and easy accessibility makes the production of a convincing factsheets a real challenge.

We are happy to face this challenge with you and can rely on many years of experience both from our own projects as well as from our work for different customers. We will help you to identify your key messages and core aspects and translate them in an appealing textual and graphical form. We provide you with numerous examples of best practice and flexible adjust our product to meet your individual needs.

High quality banners and posters are an indispensable part of any successful communication strategy. They represent your company in public and can be used in addition precisely at events. Professionally designed banners and posters provide a strong presence lingers in the mind long and provide further valuable opportunities to convey your messages accurately.

Quality and thoughtfully designed banners and posters, we consider as a core element of good communication and working as an important addition to our strong online portfolio. Our expertise in this area is the best example of the position that we represent only a thoughtful combination of offline and online products leads to success. Therefore, our graphics experts dominate the print production with the usual high quality as its digital counterpart. Through this comprehensive variety of options to synergy effects to us an efficient and cost-effective work that still allows sufficient highest standards.