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Targeted and efficient measures for the public visibility of your research activities require professional research marketing with an optimal marketing mix accurately tailored to your target groups. We support you in structuring and arranging effective research marketing plans with strongly considering measures for successful knowledge and technology transfer, for the identification of relevant markets and interest groups, and for efficient awareness building.

Comprehensive and targeted project marketing measures ensure the effective and targeted public visibility of your project and the successful implementation of the exploitation and dissemination strategy defined within the project proposal. We help you to elaborate and implement an efficient marketing mix to commercially exploit your project and resulting products best possible, and to effectively distribute research outcomes among the project-relevant scientific community.

Besides scientific publications, website setup, the creation of project newsletters, fact sheets, policy briefs user manuals and screencast tutorials as well as the setup and maintenance of social media appearances are main aspects for succeeding knowledge and technology transfer within your project. Together with you we plan all dissemination and publication activities and therewith supports you to appropriately implement the respective strategy defined in your project proposal.

The strategy of commercial, economic and scientific exploitation of your project and respective products as described in your project proposal has to be further developed and implemented during the phase of project execution. We support you with all accruing marketing, PR and sales activities, helps you to introduce your developed products into the market and supports you to conduct scientific publication activities and prepare presentations at conferences.